Comparing Publicity – Airplane Banner Versus Other Forms of Advertisements

How does the use of airplane banner fare against other forms of advertisements? In a way, this comparison is unnecessary and will not yield any proper response. After all, specific forms of advertisements work best on specific types of campaigns and products. There are products that would not work well if advertised on television, while some would not work well if advertised through an airplane banner, for instance. And besides, a good advertising campaign should use at least more than one type of medium. The use of an airplane banner works well if it is supplemented by an online advertising campaign, for instance, since the limitation of the airplane banner can be offset by the online advertisement.On the other hand, a comparison is necessary to see why an airplane banner is different from other types of advertisements. This also allows people to see the limitations of the more popular advertising types such as television ads, among others. Although they work on different mediums, the use of a airplane banner can offset the limitations of other advertising forms, considering how the perception and the preference of the people also play a role here.For instance, it is known that it is hard to stand out suing television ads, radio ads, print ads, and most especially online ads. It is easy to be noticed online using ads, but the end results here are not usually stellar. For instance, one can employ pop-up advertisements. However, these usually just annoy people, so the product gets dragged down by the medium. Television ads are a different story-people hardly believe them anymore. With all the ads that come out on television, people are already desensitized. Many advertising experts see this as a result of the years of “shouting” as a form of advertising. This means, instead of pushing a product properly, subtly, by highlighting its use and its benefits, companies and advertisers simply rely on gloss, overwhelming people. And since they are overwhelmed, people tend not to believe television ads. Unfortunately, this cannot be the case in a good advertising campaign. A good advertising campaign relies on trust-and shouting to the people about a certain product or service through advertising does not constitute trust.On the other hand, using an airplane banner is subtle. It delivers the message without being too intrusive and destructive and it prods people to do the action the ad says without being too pushy. And since very few companies use an airplane banner to promote a product, it always helps a product stand out even before the actual product is advertised. The medium itself helps the product become familiar and memorable, and it helps the information about it be retained in the minds of the people who saw the ad.In a way, the use of airplane banner takes advantage of the fact that people are already desensitized with other forms of advertisements. It may be simpler than television ads and other types of ads, but this simplicity helps it stand out.